Solutions for Brands

It can be overwhelming to create all of your product content and then push this data out to your sales channel. Let IceCream Labs help you to automate your merchandizing process.


Turn customer satisfaction into customer loyalty. Deep consumer insights will help you create timely, customized shopping experiences across all of your channels.

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Deliver omnichannel buying experience
  • Optimize supply chain 
  • Strengthen data privacy

Create and distribute content that you’re proud of.

Creating content is a huge chore, but it’s something that every product/brand manager has to do. It gets even worse when your channel partners each want content with specific attributes or rich titles and descriptions. Regulatory  and other mandatory requirements only complicate out the process.

Stop struggling and start optimizing your content.

Machine learning can now process images and extract attributes automatically. Together with other product attributes, AI can be employed to enrich your content including the auto-generation of titles and descriptions.

Channel optimization

  • Monitor content quality across multiple e-commerce channels
  • Auto enrich you content
  • Competitive channel analysis
  • Identify product gaps and boost avialability

Do you know what the competition is up to?

Every product owner and brand manager has a responsibility to stay informed about the competition. However, manually reviewing competitor and channel sites for trends takes a lot of time.

Do you track your product performance on your channel partner websites? Just like the days of on

Customer insights

  • Real time consumer insight from analysis for social media data
  • Category and product level consumer trend maps
  • Identify competitive trends
  • Leverage consumer drivers in promotion strategies