Intelligent category management for grocery retailers

​We help CPG brands and retailers to create and enrich eCommerce product data


Turn customer satisfaction into customer loyalty. Deep consumer insights will help you create timely, customized shopping experiences across all of your channels.

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Deliver omnichannel buying experience
  • Optimize supply chain 
  • Strengthen data privacy

Intelligent category managemnt

As a grocery retailer, your margins are tight, so every little bit helps. Help your merchandising team effectively manage stock out situations, so that customers are satisfied and you maintain your gross merchandise value (GVM).

Is your product data ready to publish?

  • Missing attributes
  • Search keywords
  • Facet and meta data
  • SEO optimized product titles
  • ​Validation of attributes

Control out of stock situations

Nobody enjoys an out-of-stock event. It can mean the end of your relationship with a customer.

With real-time recommendations for alternatives, you can improve customer satisfaction. Validate alternates at the moment a user adds to their cart or during checkout.

During pick-n-pack is when your operations team is likely to discover an inventory conflict. Our recommendation engine can suggest equivalent products to the picker so that the order can be fulfilled.

Real-time recommendations of similar products

Help your customers complete their cart by recommending similar or related products.

Our artificial intelligence engine helps your merchandising team automatically understand all of the related and similar items. Adding a new item? The system immediately finds all of the other existing items in the catalog that are a perfect match.

Category management

How complete is your product data? Is it ready for your e-commerce team to publish?

There are several characteristics which provide insight:

  • Missing attributes
  • Accuracy of attributes (are all of the attributes congruent?)
  • Is your product record SEO optimized?
  • How well does your product data match up to customer site searches?
  • How unique are the attributes?


Enrich data

Autonomously enrich your product content by generating missing attributes, facets and with machine learning.

Improve discoverability

Correctly classified of product records, together with SEO compliant titles and relevant keywords, all work together to serve accurate search results.

Manage stock outs

With Intelligent Category Management, you can recommend alternative products to a customer during checkout, or to your pick and pack staff during fulfillment.

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