Intelligent category management for fashion


Turn customer satisfaction into customer loyalty. Deep consumer insights will help you create timely, customized shopping experiences across all of your channels.

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Deliver omnichannel buying experience
  • Optimize supply chain 
  • Strengthen data privacy

Fashion retailers: Increase conversion rates and maintain GMV

Intelligent category management

Your merchandising team is already busy launching the latest collections. Augment their capabilities to help ensure that customers find what they’re looking for and grow your sales.

Start with rich content

Automate your product image tagging and improve your SEO content.

Is your product data ready to publish?

  • Missing attributes
  • Search keywords
  • Facet and meta data
  • SEO optimised product titles
  • Validation of attributes

Control out of stock situations

Stock outs are a bummer. It can mean the end of your relationship with a customer.

With real-time recommendations for alternatives that are in-stock, you can rescue a customer sale and improve customer satisfaction.

Real-time recommendations of similar products

Help your customers complete their look by recommending similar or related products.

Our artificial intelligence helps your merchandising team understand all of the assortment possibilities in your latest catalog. ​​Adding a new item? The system immediately finds all of the other existing items in the catalog that are a perfect match.


Increase conversion

Enable shoppers to find what they are looking for by showing alternatives that better match their taste.

Increase GMV

Increase purchase value by suggesting alternatives that entice customers to add other items to their cart.

Reduce stock-related problems

Reduce abandonment rates by suggesting similar items when a the target item is not available.

Improve discoverability

Correctly classified of product records, together with SEO compliant titles and relevant keywords, all work together to serve accurate search results.

Ready to see a demo?

Let the solution show for itself how quickly it can generate recommendations for your catalog items.