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AI Innovation Through Co-Creation

icecreamlabs is a venture studio that builds and scales category-defining AI companies.
We partner with entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors to  solve problems using AI 


AI Driven Product Data Management

Commerceflow drives digital growth by automating the enrichment, validated, and compliance of product data for retailers, manufacturers, distributors and brands.


Automating MLOps

Solutions to automate training, inference, monitoring and evaluation of ML, Deep Learning and Generative AI models


Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI solutions - data engineering, model training and deployment of  models in computer vision, NLP, generative AI and LLM



Implementing AI requires specialized knowledge and skills that many enterprises lack. The need to recruit AI talent or upskill existing staff can pose significant challenges, especially given the competitive market for AI expertise.

Resource and Skill Gap

The unprecedented pace of innovation in AI with new models and capabilities emerging makes it overwhelming. While this offers exciting opportunities for businesses, keeping up with the latest advancements and determining the most suitable solutions is a challenge.

Rapid Evolution of AI
Leveraging Proprietary Data

Data is the lifeblood of AI solutions. Enterprises often struggle with harnessing the full potential of their data due to concerns about data privacy, security, and the complexity of integration of data + models.

The AI Challenge for Enterprises

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icecreamlabs takes a unique approach to building and scaling AI solutions. We start by identifying and validating problems that can be solved using AI. Once a problem has been validated, we partner with entrepreneurs to build a solution. We provide the entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed, including funding, mentorship, and access to our team of AI experts.

Proven Process - Accelerated Solutions

Primary & secondary research with Partners to identify potential industry defining  problems 


Pre-determined design partners engaged to pilot and use product.  Iterative cycles to improve features and acceptability. 


Create a MVP with focused teams to iterate and build tech and product 


Deep validation including market viability, technical  feasibility and execution complexity


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The Enterprise AI Challenge

Trusted by Industry Leaders

icecreamlabs has partnered with a number of leading enterprises, including Walmart, Pepsi, and Siemens. We work with our partners to identify and solve problems that are important to their business.

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